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Information Architecture

Information Architecture is the strategy used to create an excellent browsing experience at the start of any digital project developed by PI. Its structure helps create, organize and classify content to provide a friendly environment that is increasingly easier to use.

Content Production

Theme suggestions, main and secondary menus, composition, updates and constant monitoring of information flow. Content developed by the agency, under the coordination of the client, is also effective in integrating marketing and communication by managing on- and off-line communication channels.

Websites, Portals and Microsites

Focused on results, we employ a range of tools to guarantee usability on different platforms, such as tablets and mobile telephones, while also combining sleek interface design with search optimization and a wide spectrum of metric systems.

Corporate Presentations

This category of work is confidential. Kindly contact us for more information.

Campaigns and Promotions

Through integrated management, digital actions are promoted, propagated and monitored simultaneously on on- and off-line channels, along with engagement on social media. Creation of the theme, mechanical development, creation of pieces, programming applications and action management are all handled by PI.